High Value Transport/Escort

When working with high-net-worth individuals, you will often encounter situations that require you to transport high-value assets. These asset transports require the utmost security possible. These high-value assets should get more than the standard protection offered by shipping companies. A high-value courier service will ensure that your assets remain safe. When it comes to high-value asset protection, Tangent Group International offers different options to ensure that your property is safely delivered to your desired drop-off point.  


One of the options we have available are courier teams. Our highly trained courier teams will pick up and deliver your high-value items. Our courier teams are given the same quality training that all of our executive protection officers are. We assure you, that your assets are in safe hands and that we will do whatever is necessary to get your items to their destination point.  


If you would rather use your own transport personnel for the asset delivery we can provide your transport with security escort services.  We consider the safety of your property to be our highest priority on these escort missions. Our security escorts will travel with your assets the entirety of the delivery route and ensure that everything arrives  safety and promptly.  


If you have high-value assets that need to be transported, don’t take the risk—choose a protective force. Bring Tangent Group International in to ensure that your property arrives safely and on time.  

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