Hostile Terminations and Workplace Violence

As an executive of a company or organization, you put yourself at risk more often than the general public. Tangent Group International wants to help you mitigate any possible risk you may have to deal with—especially high-risk hostile employee terminations. Given the recent rise in potential security threats, management shouldn’t put themselves at risk when dealing with potentially violent employees that need to be terminated. Before laying off a violent employee or a large group of individuals, bring Tangent Group International in to help prevent possible losses or liability on your premises. There is no reason to let any potential hostile employee termination become a problem, not when the situation can be prevented through planning and a proper security deployment from Tangent Group.


When we are brought in to handle an employee termination, we will make a full assessment of the situation and create a multi-faceted approach. This way we can maintain a covert and/or an overt security presence during and after the termination. Our dedicated team of protection professionals will monitor the terminated individual and keep you updated on their movements until they are safely off of the premises. However, our violent employee protection services go beyond security and surveillance. We can also perform the termination, provide final documentation and checks, and anything else we can do to make certain that you and your business are safe during the termination process.  


We make certain that you are in good hands when laying off a violent employee. Don’t decide you need security after a problem arises—take the precautions and save yourself from loss and liability. 

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