I. QuikTrip expects the security services provider to: 

  • A.  Help mitigate security risks to provide a safer environment for QT employees and customers. 

  • B. Maintain a highly visible deterrent to crime and positively influence the security incident rate as well as assist with inventory controls. 


II. Security Officers will:


  • A. Always project a positive and professional image in keeping with QuikTrip’s friendly, courteous, and efficient customer service focused culture. This includes fulfilling work schedule obligations, personal security officer appearance, and the manner the security officer interacts with employees and customers. 

  • B.  Report all law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical calls for service attributable to the store location or any unusual events that the agent is aware of and should be brought to the client’s attention. This is done through use of Tangent’s Overwatch, specifically the online Activity - Incident Report.

                Security Officers will complete & submit the report as soon as possible after the event the report covers

                If the security agent later remembers something for the report, please submit the information in an email noting that it’s an add on to an Incident Report and promptly send the email to phaas@tangentgroup.net.


  • C. Exercise sound judgment and patience to deal with challenging interpersonal communication and conflict resolution situations with the desired end state always being de-escalation over loud confrontation, aggressive posturing, or any use of physical force.  Remember: officers are to de-escalate, and when necessary simply disengage, notify management and summon law enforcement. 

  • D. Take breaks as time, the situation and store traffic allow.  Agents must advise store management when going on break and the officer must remain on the property and immediately available to respond to a call for assistance or in an emergency.

  • E. Any deviations from QuikTrip’s Security Guidelines & Expectations should be reported to your employer’s management.  You should feel free to call your manager and ask for direction if a QT employee tells you to do something outside the scope of your duties.


III. Security focus areas: 


  • A. The primary responsibility of the security officer is the personal safety of QT employees, customers, and the security officers.  This overrides all other facets of any security duties / services provided. 

  • B. Maintain situational awareness of activities in and around the check stand. 

  • C. Be aware of suspicious activities inside and outside the store with particular attention paid to excessive loitering, anyone soliciting or panhandling, large crowds, disturbances of the peace and vehicles blocking customer access to gasoline dispensers and parking spaces. 

  • D. Security officers will watch over high traffic areas of the sales floor and make routine inspections of the store exterior, including gasoline pumps and parking areas. 

  • E. Provide security over-watch of employees who work outside. 

IV. Prohibitions, Security Officers: 


  • A. DO NOT escalate any situation.  Agents will de-escalate, failing that working, will immediately disengage, and notify management and law enforcement.

  • B. DO NOT confront, chase or apprehend shoplifters. If an agent witnesses a theft the officer should notify store management as soon as practical, describing the thief and detailing what was stolen. The officer should get pictures of the shoplifter and vehicle if possible.

  • C. DO NOT place hands-on any person for any reason unless the physical wellbeing of an employee, a customer or the agent is in imminent danger, i.e. the physical attack or assault is occurring. 

  • NOTE: In the case of physical contact/putting hands-on, there is a quick test for the security officer to be able to determine whether he/she is in the right.  The agent MUST be able to quickly respond “Yes!” to this question: 

  • Is it necessary for me to get physically involved to prevent someone or myself from being physically harmed? 

  • D. DO NOT smoke in the store. 

  • E. DO NOT sleep or lounge while on duty. This does mean to include officer’s break periods.

  • F. DO NOT enter the check stand unless the personal safety of a QuikTrip employee is being threatened. 

  • G. DO NOT use the store telephone, except as necessary for time clock purposes or in emergency circumstances. 

  • H. DO NOT enter the backroom, cooler, freezer, or kitchen areas, unless the personal safety of a QuikTrip employee or the physical security of the property is threatened. 

  • I. DO NOT have guests (friends, family, acquaintances) visit during scheduled duty hours or fraternize with QT employees, vendors or customers. 

  • J. DO NOT conduct personal business while on duty.  

  • K. DO NOT receive free merchandise of any kind. Security officers are permitted free fountain drinks and coffee while on duty. 


V. In the case of Civil Disturbance/Riots/Unruly Crowds


When on duty and there’s a riot or unruly crowd, the Security Officer:

  • A. Will follow QT’s Store emergency plan.  The security agent will follow the direction of QT Management on Duty and the security officer will be certain he/she knows who she/he is taking direction from.

  • B. Will remember that he is there for safety purposes; to guard the physical wellbeing of QT employees and customers. The security officer IS NOT there to guard or protect store inventory or property (the building, cars in parking lots) during such extreme circumstances.

  • C. Will not respond with any use of physical force and certainly must NOT use lethal force in any situation other than to save the life of a QT Employee, customer or self.

------------END ORDERS------------